the cultural bridge to the Lauterbrunnen valley

Since 1997 the worldmusic band Tächa has represented the Swiss mountain world around the Lauterbrunnen valley like noone else.

1999 Oecumenic memorial service for the victims of the canyoning tragedy nearby Wilderswil and their families.

There is a spiritual quality in Tächa music. Tächa touch people’s hearts awakening deep emotion.

This happened 2001 at an international symposium at the Kursaal Interlaken Switzerland while performing Tächa's Sound & Visual Compositions .

Switzerland was the host and coordinating the UN Year of Mountains 2002.

After their performance Tächa were asked to produce their first official DVD Music and Images from the Swiss Alps and Tächa became cultural ambassadors. At the time dvd players were not yet available for living rooms.

Economy Berner Oberland invited Tächa to produce a cd with a musical journey as a contribution to the UN Year Of Water 2003 - Tächa Wasser

2004 Karlsruhe Germany

2007 Swiss tour Tächa & Eunan McIntyre

2008 Tächa took part in an official journey with performances in Japan and China

2009 Opernhaus Zürich (private party)

2009 Tächa teamed up with Eunan McIntyre in Ireland

2010 Kunsthaus Interlaken

2011/12 Concerts with Rudra from Nepal in Grindelwald Switzerland

2013 Tächa performed at the first gathering UNESCO World Heritage Swiss Alps Jungfrau-Aletsch in the Lauterbrunnen valley.

2015 Tächa's Sound & Visual Compositions Bernexpo GV BEKB | BCBE

2016 7132 Therme - Vals

2017 Tächa 1997 - 2017 Celebration

2018 Live at Goldener Anker Interlaken Switzerland https://www.taecha.ch/de/bild-ton

2019 Concert and founding of the association tächa land festival mürren Kunsthaus Interlaken https://www.uelivonallmen.ch/de/blog/24

2019 Performing in Nepal https://www.uelivonallmen.ch/de/blog/27

2020 Tächa Musik & Bild Kompositionen Tafers FR

2020 membership Verein tächa land festival https://www.uelivonallmen.ch/de/blog/44

2022 A short story of Tächa - 25 years https://www.uelivonallmen.ch/de/blog/69

Among the cultural scene of the Bernese Oberland Tächa is iconic being looked at as a musically independent band playing in an open and humorous style appealing to young and old people. High quality made in Switzerland and a musical landmark of the Swiss Alps.

Ueli von Allmen and Bruno Raemy also perform for the very young, Tächa's concert label for children is known as


Article Berner Oberländer Tächa 25 Years Anniversary

Ueli von Allmen

Ueli von Allmen

guitar, vocals, percussion

Bruno Raemy

Bruno Raemy

swiss button accordion, accordina

André Schornoz

André Schornoz

double bass

Herbert Steiner

Herbert Steiner

photography, film